Leith Ben Abdessalem

Creative Developer


I'm glad to see you here.

As a Creative Developer, I take pride in my ability to design, develop and deploy.

Currently studying an Interactive Developement Bachelor and Master degree at the Gobelins School of Images in Paris.

Merging Art, Design and Technology, I seek to expand the digital medium in order to emotionally stimulate. Originally seeking to be a game designer and developer I quickly decided to enlarge my scope to all kinds of digital platforms.


  • Technology

    • three.js
    • p5.js
    • Unity
    • AR/VR
  • Programming

    • Javascript
    • HTML/CSS
    • GLSL
    • C#
  • Design

    • UX
    • UI
    • Animation
    • Game Design
  • Spoken Languages

    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Arabic


  • 2020

    Game Design Bachelor - University of Europe, Berlin.
  • 2021

    Interactive Developement Bachelor - Gobelins School of Images, Paris.
  • 2023

    Design and Management of The Interactive Innovation Master Degree - Gobelins School of Images, Paris.


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